Not All Israel Is Israel

Jacob (left) prophesies the future of his sons' descendants, the Israelites. How then, would logic dictate that the israelites were "white?" HOW??? One of the first facts the Bible gives us about Israel (Ysrayl in the Hebrew tongue) is in regard to their physical appearance. The Hebrew-Canaanite-Egyptian combination known as the Hyskos had ruled over the country.

The Black Israelite engagement with Ethiopia proved critical to the formation of Rastafarianism, which lives today as Jamaica's most visible artistic culture.”24 Though Rastafarianism is one major expression of these religious groups, there are some key doctrinal elements that are common among most of the Black Hebrew Israelite groups.

Parfitt came to the conclusion that the Lemba people of Zimbabwe may have some connection to ancient Jewish populations based on historical and anthropological research.56 Moreover, a geneticist named Trefor Jenkins found that the Lembas had 50 percent Y chromosomes that were Semitic in origin and 40 percent Negroid.57 This test seems to verify the existence of Jews of African descent.

As long as other Black religious traditions fail to offer answers to questions of black suffering, small but significant numbers of Black people will seek refuge in beliefs that offer an alternate theological explanation for the crisis of Black life in America.

One of the acts of power that Moses was to perform before the children of Israel as proof of his divine appointment as God's representative was a leprous hand. Wake up black people and claim your true heritage the Hebrew Heritage. A familiarity with the history of African American Christianity will shed light on the origins of this movement.

Both the frustration with Jim Crow laws and the establishment of independent black churches influenced the emergence of Black Judaism.8 Landing rejects the notion that Black Hebraism arose from the interaction between Jewish slave-masters and slaves because synagogues denied blacks from membership; this suggests that Jewish slave owners did not proselytize among their slaves.9 Instead, he argues that Black Judaism is a form of black social protest, as opposed to a form of Jewish expression.”10 Distinguishing between blacks who converted to Judaism and those who converted to Black Judaism, Landing points out that although there were early converts to Judaism who were black, these conversions are not responsible for the rise of Black Judaism.11 In Landing's view, blacks appropriated Hebrew identity golden girdle as a means of social protest against the degradation of the black race.

We will get to that a little later so we can focus on the proofs of the Ancient Hebrews being a black or negroid race. The indigenous people of the area are black africans. • Black Israelites, who are most nationalistic and furthest from traditional Judaism. The Israelite Exodus from Egypt devastated the economy of the Egyptian empire, as well as it's military might.

As a result, the people of England and the United States are the true Israelites. Paul could not possibly be white and be mistaken for a black Egyptian by a European guard. White people are seen as conspirators who attempt to persecute the black people and hide their true identity as Israelites.

Thus, the reader should conclude that unless one can show that all African Americans originate from the Lemba tribe, Hebrew Israelites have no basis for the claim that all African Americans are descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Just before the Israelite Exodus, the Egyptian Empire was at the height of it's imperial conquests.

A number of other black Israelite movements also exist. The Egyptians themselves knew the difference between them and the Israelites. It would appear that the Bible always mentions it when the founding-fathers of the nation of Israel married foreign or Canaanitish daughters.

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